Art Primo SF Store Closing September 23rd 2018



It’s true! Art Primo SF is closing down. Our last day of operation is September 23. We want to go out with one last show titled Shit on Signs (In homage to our inaugural show, Shit on Boards. Poetic right?) Come through on Saturday September 8 from 7-10pm to celebrate six years of graffiti, art, graffiti art, shit shooting, sidewalk bbqs, and angry neighbors. Gifts of food, booze, and cash are welcome and encouraged.  Hope to see you guys there and THANK YOU for supporting us over the past six years.

For those of you who are like WTF WHY?!?! 🤔TELL ME MORE!!! 😱 Please continue reading:

Why? It’s a combination of things. Yes, our rent is skyrocketing–sadly, a typical story for a small biz in SF–but also, the shop has pretty much been a two-woman operation (Shoutout to the friends, interns, and employees who’ve pitched in when we needed it 🙌) and as some of you guys know, we’ve both been going to school and working other gigs this whole damn time. And we are fucking tired! And more importantly, we are ready to pursue careers outside of the retail game. Kate @lovekills206 is taking a month off to travel Europe and Kelsey @kelseylannin is working as a researcher and a freelance journalist.

But don’t worry, you can still get all the good stuff online at!

If you have a gift card, it’s only valid at the SF shop so now’s the time to cash out. You have till September 23 to do it. Get shopping. 🖊💰💣

❤️ Kate and Kelsey