Photo (our edits) courtesy Beth Callaghan

Photo (our edits) courtesy Beth Callaghan

"the joy of life"

With the help of friends, crewmates, and graffiti documentarians, Art Primo SF presents "the joy of life"– a collection of over 90 photos showcasing the work of TIE ONE, Jonathan Lim (aka SEO, SHAE, HIS). Two decades after his life was cut short, TIE's impact on writers of his generation and those to follow remains. 

"Jonathan was only eighteen years old but he had accomplished so much for what he loved most, graffiti. His dear friends from Margaret Kilgallen to MQUE have and will always remember his strange beautiful eyes and his overwhelming passion and tenacity to create art..."

- SABER in Juxtapoz 2012

Opening reception: Saturday, March 17th from 7-10pm 

Show run: Saturday, March 17th through April 8th, 2018

*** Please note that photographs are not for sale, but purchase and publication requests will be forwarded to the photographer. Limited merchandise will be for sale, with all proceeds donated to charity, per the family's request.